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April 18th 2011, Florence - Signature of Euro-African Partnership costitutive Act

The Association Euro African Partnership was officially born on 18th April 2011. The founding assembly held by associations of Municipalities (ANCI), by the associations of Provinces of Tuscany (UPI) and by a group of Municipalities and Provinces, aims to create a new political framework in Tuscany, as prosecution of the UNDESA project.

The project “Euro African Partnership for Decentralized Governance”was promoted and supported by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), by Regional Council of Tuscany,  and by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Association EUAP Onlus aims to follow the recommendations of the 2nd Conference of the European and African Regional and Local Institutions held in Florence in November 2009, in which many local and international  actors highlighted importance of the UNDESA project development. 

 -picture of establishment of EUAP

 -the statute

 -the three years plan of activity


 How to take part: interested Regional and Local Institutions, as well as other public bodies, can take part EUAP paying the membership fee and sending a request at