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The Euro African Partnership for Decentralized Governance aims at contributing to the strengthening of local governance in Africa by facilitating the establishment of relationships between African and European local institutions.

The activities of the Euro-African Partnership will be directed at:

  • institution building and training;
  • key projects focusing on specific countries, with the aim to promote decentralized governance through partnership between European and African local authorities and institutions;
  • research and monitoring on decentralized governance.

The partners of the Euro-African Partnership will also:

  • promote and share autonomous activities for decentralized governance in Africa, within the framework of the partnership;
  • join specific activities organised by the Euro-African Partnership.

The Euro-African Partnership supports different partners involved in projects of decentralized cooperation in Africa.

Decentralized Cooperation is increasingly becoming one of the most suitable means for establishing and consolidating stable ‘north-south' and 'south-south' partnerships and strengthening forms of decentralized governance. The concept of decentralized cooperation does not have a commonly accepted definition. Its framework is often traced back to the involvement of a wide range of non-state actors in development actions.
UNDP defines Decentralized Cooperation as "a long-term partnership between communities in different  cities  or  towns  and  as  a  mechanism  for establishing  a  novel  "partnership"  modality,  which  focuses  on direct relationships  between  regional  territories, as opposed to the model that promotes bilateral  cooperation  at  the  national  level".  The Euro-African Partnership  fully  shares  the  wider  UNDP definition but in its specific framework  it  follows  the  direction  according  to  which  "any project, initiative,  or  partnership for development cooperation is developed among at  least  one  European  and  one  African  sub-national  authority". This definition has stand out from the background study on the "Contribution of Decentralized Cooperation to Decentralization in Africa", produced under the aegis of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA).


The Partnership is part of: UNPAN